About Foretold

Foretold: Rise of a God© is a free-for all battle for 2-4 players based on Greek Mythology. The game features an open, flexible play engine that encourages many strategic lines of play designed to fit a number of personal play styles: defensive, bartering, aggressive, combo, tricky and more. Players win by collecting 4 matching Fate Relic cards or by knocking your opponents' hit points from twenty to zero.

Still loved

Foretold has a small but devoted following and is still considered innovative and unique since its release in 2014.

Fans have compared Foretold to a popular Magic: The Gathering card format: Commander. Commander is also a free-for-all game that encourages occasional alliances and partnerships to take down the biggest threat!

Because of its open nature, games of Foretold can be as quick as a half hour, or as long as 3 hours; it comes down to the players and the play group. It's an engrossing experience, and time will fly by if you're not careful!

Check out the original Foretold trailer for more about the story behind the game!

Game Play Overview by Clayton Capra

Fun for the whole family!

Game Credits

  • Foretold was originally published by and distributed by Legion Supplies.

  • Distribution now fulfilled by Semtron, Inc.

  • Game concept and design by Jay Semerad.

  • Card artwork by Garrett Post. Graphic Design by Neal Rasmussen.