Variants and House Rules

Customization for faster battles

Foretold is an open rules system that allows for flexibility of play experience. Players are encouraged to make house rules wherever they see fit. Some popular modifications that will speed up the game are:

  • If you're raiding, gain a gold for every Tile you conquer.

  • If you're defeated during a raid, leave your raid marker on that Tile. You may start your next turn's raid on that Tile.

  • Each player can only play 1 Fate Card per combat, per Tile, during a raid. This prevents big, complicated math and helps simplify and move battles along! But it can also lead to more failed raids.

Other House Rules:

  • If you Smite a player, you can steal a Relic from that player rather than roll the Smiting die (your leftover Faithful still deal 1 damage each).

  • Capture the Crown: The 4 Crown Fate Relics do not require Altars and you can have more than 1 Crown regardless of the Fate Relic rule. If you Smite a player, you may steal all of their Crowns. At the beginning of your turn, if you control all 4 Crowns, you win the game.

Do you have a variant to submit? Email Jay AT to share!

Want to playtest?

There's also a secret 2nd expansion that has yet to be published. Contact Jay if you'd like to download and print your own copy of the Foretold: The Underworld expansion!