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Foretold: Rise of a God - $40 USD

The original game - with free domestic shipping!

Fatesworn - $20 USD

An exciting expansion to Foretold that adds a new win condition, a new starting temple arrangement, and new, powerful Relics and Faithful!

Original game required to play.

Game Sleeves Bundle - $15

Save $3 and get 6 packs of sleeves - enough to protect the base game + expansion!

Game Sleeves - Individual Packs of 50 sleeves - $3 USD each

Choose from Grace, Wisdom, Chaos or Prosperity Fates, or from Faithful or Relic Sleeves.

High-quality sleeves produced by Legion Supplies. These Standard Size (2.5x3.5 inch) sleeves also work for other card games, including Magic: The Gathering.

International Orders? Email Jay AT foretold-game.com